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My firsts of these titles have binding colors as follows:
Stone- brown
Hart- green
Walton- blue
Dinesen- brown

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When the ML introduced balloon cloth bindings in spring 1929, a portion of each 
rinting of individual titles was bound in all four colors: red, blue, green and 
rown. You can collect first printings of early balloon cloth titles in all four 
olors. Balloon cloth bindings were used through spring 1939; Rockwell Kent's 
inding was introduced in fall 1939. I'm trying to determine whether the policy 
f binding portions of each printing in all four colors continued throughout the 
alloon cloth period. 
My first printings of the new titles published in spring 1939 are bound in 
alloon cloth as follows: Irving Stone, Lust for Life (green); Liddell Hart, War 
n Outline (brown), Walton, Compleat Angler (green), Dinesen,  Seven Gothic 
ales (brown).  Note that first printings of Lust for Life and Seven Gothic 
ales are in the larger format that became standard for all new ML titles in 
all 1939.
Does anyone have first printings of these titles in other colors?
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