[ModLib] Front panels page???

Brian LeMasters brianlemasters at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 17:55:14 EDT 2012

Did you find this page?  I do not recall seeing these on the site.  The 
rear panels and bindings are well represented, though (Regulars and Giants).

On 4/20/2012 12:31 PM, Scot Kamins wrote:
> OK, this is embarrassing.
> This morning Lary Johnson sent in an image for the missing 1st of 
> Schreiner's african Farm (1927 -- thanks, Lary).  I wanted to check 
> something about the front panel. But I couldn't find the front panel 
> page on ModernLib!
> Now, long ago Henry Toledano gave me permission to move over any 
> information I wanted to from The Guide. This extremely generous act on 
> Henry's part served to make the information more accessible to people 
> and allowed us to use crowd-sourcing to expand on that information and 
> make it more complete.
> In the 1917-2000 Guide, front panel info appears on pages 177-183.
> I cannot find this info on ModernLib!!!!  Could I have somehow 
> forgotten to produce this section? Or have I, in my encroaching 
> senility, simply forgotten where it is? I can't find it in the index, 
> and Google-searching comes up with nothing.
> HELP!!!
> Scot Kamins
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