[ModLib] WHat are these "New Editions" of which the Guide speaks?

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Intrepid ML researcher Bill Hornick has uncovered some interesting  
comments in the Toledano Guide—especially intriguing since there's  
been no discussion of them in the thirteen years since the most recent  
edition of the Guide made its appearance.

A number of entries say NE (for New Edition) in the COMMENT field  
without further information except a date different from the one  
listed in the Dates column. In a few cases, the NE seems to mean that  
new plates were used, often resulting in an increased number of pages  
(but without other substantive changes). in other cases, there isn't  
much of a clue what the New Edition encompassed, and Bill doesn't have  
all the variations of these titles so he was unable to check.
I'd love to know for ModernLib BookNotes what's different about these  
alleged New editions: Just new plates? Something more substantive?  
Your comments will be appreciated!
Here are the the examples I'm curious about:

• 13.1, Butler's Way of All Flesh, identifies a 1940 revised edition.

• 275.1, Conrad's Nostromo, identifies a 1960s new edition.

• 109.1, Lawrence's Sons and Lovers, list both a revised edition in  
1928 and a new edition in 1933.  The Booknotes do not list these.  The  
1933 printing states "First Edition from New Plates" with "1933" below  
those words. (According to The Guide, the 1922 edition says "First  
• 65.3, Machiavelli's The Prince and The Discourses, identifies a new  
edition in 1950.
• 27.2, Maugham's The Moon and Sixpence, identifies a new edition in  
1940 with new plates.
For the record, Bill submitted a more extensive list but these are the  
ones I want info about.

Scot Kamins
It's not what happens to us that causes suffering — it's how we react  
to it.

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