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Being a reader/absorber of Faulkner I appreciated this specific 
Introduction. It was am immediate, very human expression, written 
without concern about how others would perceive it. As with most honest 
expression of the personality, mind, or soul it was undoubtedly 
interpreted in the worst light. That is something very wrong with the 
collective "us."

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall listening when (if) 
this Introduction was discussed by the ML editorial group. No matter 
what we think we know about the ML editorial process, it may have been 
included without thought or review... publishing frequently works that way.

And if I was a fly my compound eyes would be a great convenience right 
now (if my brain could sort out all the simultaneous input).


On 9/13/2011 4:29 PM, Gordon Barrick Neavill wrote:
> Hi Lisa,
> The ML dropped several introductions around this time, probably because
> they thought they were dated. Faulkner's admission in his introduction
> to the ML edition of Sanctuary (1932) that he had written the book for
> money damaged his reputation, even though he indicated at the end of the
> introduction that he had rewritten it at the proof stage, "trying to
> make out of it something which would not shame The Sound and the Fury
> and As I Lay Dying too much." Harvey Breit's introduction to the ML
> edition of Absalom, Absalom! and Richard H. Rovere's introduction to
> Light in August were also dropped around 1963. This is when the ML began
> publishing Faulkner's works in white uniform dust jackets; none of the
> white jacketed printings have introductions. The memorandum issuing the
> instruction to drop the introductions from /Sanctuary/ and /Absalom,
> Absalom!/ was dated 14 November 1962 and can be found in the Random
> House Collection at Columbia University (Box 538, ML spring 1962
> folder). When the ML was planning to publish The Sound and the Fury and
> As I Lay Dying in a single volume it asked Faulkner to write an
> introduction, but he never submitted it. The ML published the volume
> with a revised and corrected version of the appendix "Compson 1699-1945"
> that originally appeared in the Viking Portable Faulkner published
> earlier in 1946, and put it at the beginning of the volume. This was
> dropped when the ML published the The Sound and the Fury and As I Lay
> Dying as separate volumes in uniform white jackets in 1966 and 1967.
> Barry
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> Hi everybody,
> I was wondering why the introduction that Faulkner wrote for the Modern
> Library edition of Sanctuary was dropped in 1963 (thirty-one years after
> the book was first published). Any thoughts on this?
> With thanks,
> --
> Lise Jaillant
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