[ModLib] Requests for specific full-sized images???

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While checking your site to see if the pics Darrell is referring to are
there, I noted the Allegedly Missing Dust Jacket list.  The first item is
Henry Adams and you have a question mark after the P.  Be advised that I
acquired in a spine 7,  a P jacket of this copy.  The list of titles dates
the jacket to fall 1939 and it is still in the smaller sized flexi, not the
7 ¼” copies, like Seven Gothic Tales.  It is the same pic as the Blumenthal




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On Oct 2, 2011, at 10:23 AM, Darrell Johnson wrote:

The determined effort will be somewhat frustrating.


Yeah. :-) We've already seen that -- note all the full-sized images STILL
missing from ModernLib, in spite of massive contributions from collectors
(mostly, by the way,  from four or five people -- an extremely low
percentage of regular ModernLib users & subscribers to this mailing list).


But I am undeterred. The hunt goes on, and as an old spiritual mentor of
mine was wont to say. "the struggle is beautiful."


Scot Kamins


One cause, a thousand effects

A thousand causes, one effect


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