[ModLib] Requests for specific full-sized images???

Darrell Johnson zebradlj at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 2 13:23:50 EDT 2011

The determined effort will be somewhat frustrating.  I have rounded up images for most everything in the various ML post 1970 series.  Most of the images available on line are not full sized or of high quality.  So I have many images that need upgrading.  I got many images from ABEbooks.  But most of those are stock images and stock images are either medium or even small.  It usually required a seller selling a single copy of a book that they thought deserved a full-sized image to fetch the full value of the book they were selling.  And those appear to be  rather rare.  Most of my full-sized scans are from my library.

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Subject: [ModLib] Requests for specific full-sized images???

Hi folks, 

I've been adding full-sized images to the database as I find them on the Internet (continuing the Darrell Johnson Project), but I haven't made a concerted effort around it. If you have a request for a particular image, please let me know and I'll hunt it down.

Wishing everyone a delightful autumn,

Scot Kamins
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