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Wikipedia has a list of people on U.S. stamps, and I see quite a few
American ML authors.  Not sure if they have honored any foreign
authors on stamps.


On Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 11:46 AM, robert e. watling jr.
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> I admit I'm not as serious a collector as most on this list but I do like my
> Modern Library books and will when I can order the price guide and also
> contribute to the upkeep of the website but today I  have a non book related
> ML question. I know that some authors, Borges and Octavio Paz specifically,
> have had commeorative coins minted for them in Argentina and Mexico. I'm
> wondering if anyone knows of any coins that have been minted for authors in
> the Modern Library canon? How about stamps. I'm thinking it might be nice to
> augment my library with coins for some of my favorite authors. Any ideas?
> Thanks...robert watling jr.
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