[ModLib] Coins

robert e. watling jr. rewatlingjr at clear.net
Sat Nov 19 12:46:06 EST 2011

I admit I'm not as serious a collector as most on this list but I do like  
my Modern Library books and will when I can order the price guide and also  
contribute to the upkeep of the website but today I  have a non book  
related ML question. I know that some authors, Borges and Octavio Paz  
specifically, have had commeorative coins minted for them in Argentina and  
Mexico. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any coins that have been minted  
for authors in the Modern Library canon? How about stamps. I'm thinking it  
might be nice to augment my library with coins for some of my favorite  
authors. Any ideas? Thanks...robert watling jr.


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