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#7 Confused , I have one in green and one in red
#33 Man's Fate, two in what I am guessing is brown
#209 Antic, brown, I think.  I originally logged it as maroon
#217 Light, red
And they all have jackets.
If scans would be helpful, let me know.  I have a problem with colors.

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When balloon cloth bindings were introduced in 1929, a portion of each ML
printing was bound in each of the four colors used -- red, brown, blue, and
green. For example, I have four jacketed copies of the first ML printing of
Huysmans' Against the Grain #183 (1930) -- each of which is bound in balloon
cloth of a different color.

I have always assumed that this practice continued throughout the balloon
cloth period, but I thought it would be good to verify that with the help of
other collectors.

Here are four ML titles from the later 1930s. I have first printings of each
bound as indicated:

Huxley, Antic Hay #209  (1933)  blue balloon cloth Malraux, Man's Fate #33
(1936) green balloon cloth Woolf, To the Lighthouse #217 (1937)  brown
balloon cloth Wisdom of Confucius #7 (1938)  red balloon cloth

I'd be grateful if you could check your copies of any of these titles --
stated "First Modern Library Edition" only -- and let me know what color
cloth is used.

Many thanks!

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