[ModLib] Redux: Clearing the air: My Change of Opinion about Wikipedia

mlnewton at bardstowncable.net mlnewton at bardstowncable.net
Tue Nov 8 19:23:52 EST 2011

I think perhaps five years ago, Wikipedia wasn't as reliable as it is
today.  However, I also have come to refer to it frequently, and often
find well-footnoted articles by sources who are very reliable.  I am a
nurse and occasionally look up medical information, so I have some
background in the field myself.  Other types of articles have good
citations, with clickable links for further research as well.


> Scot,
> I'm with you....I use it all the time to /*assist*/ in researching
> titles, authors, etc. Plus, they often have valuable links at the bottom
> which helps to substantiate whatever claims/positions asserted in the
> Wiki. article(s).
> -Eric Mayer

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