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I'm a little confused here. When you say "the notes have not been  
updated for variations with n and o" what kind of update are you  
talking about?

I'm MORE than willing to update the notes -- if I know what & how to  
update.  :-)

On Nov 6, 2011, at 9:47 AM, Ron Holl wrote:

> That is exactly what "o2" and "o3" tell you.  It turns out the notes  
> have
> not been updated for the variations with n and o (type l is mostly
> supported with variations).
> (by the way, I believe it is more than a few, potentially anyway)
>> Ron,
>> Okay.  So it should say "some," instead.  The intention would be  
>> point out
>> that one would expect to find copies with the ISBN but to be warned  
>> that
>> they aren't the firsts.
>> And since Scot indicated that it would not be much effort to add a
>> statement to the first note of the few titles it is relevant to, I  
>> am in
>> favor of encouraging him to do so.
>> Darrell
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