Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Sun Nov 6 08:59:45 EST 2011

> No, that's pretty clear all right. :-)

> The challenge is that, when you're looking at -- say -- 394.1  Camus
> Notebooks, 1942-1951, and you're wondering if your copy with the ISBN
> on the DJ is the correct first, you wouldn't think to look in the
> section on Genre Dust Jacket Backs of the Late Classical Period for
> the answer.  The question becomes how to make the answer more
> accessible.

That page is linked directly from the type "o" jacket information.  How do
you know to go there?  Because the DJ should be indicated as "o2".  "o2"
has no ISBN.  So, yes, it is easy to get there.

I see this as the proverbial knee jerk reaction to a question about a
single title.  So something is done hastily, and appears to me to be
another good intention brick placed on that infamous road.  By singling
out this title, and not dealing with all the other cases, it has created a
false sense of completeness on the others.

How do you know the first of Michelangelo's Complete Poems & Selected
Letters type "l" jacket has a full band?  It isn't in the notes, you have
to look up what an l prime jacket is.  So with your new scheme the notes
section needs to be updated.  How about Bull from the Sea?  Probably needs
a no ISBN note (even though it should be labeled as "n1", which is all you
need to know).  You have dozens and dozens of titles to update with notes
now, all with redundant information.

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