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On Nov 5, 2011, at 7:37 PM, Ron Holl wrote:

> Go here:
> http://modernlib.com/Identifiers/genreDjBacks/genreDjBacks.html
> And you will find this:
> ================
> You can use this information to help in dating dust jackets and to
> determine later first editions (those without reliably complete title
> lists on the DJ inverse):
>    With the single exception of 160.3 Auden's Selected Poetry (Second
> Edition), any jacket with an ISBN is not a first. So if you have a
> book with a genre variety 3, 4, or 5 DJ, it's not a first.
>    All other first edition titles published with type 14 bindings  
> likely
> had o2 dust jackets.
> =================
> I don't think it can be much clearer than "with the single exception".

No, that's pretty clear all right. :-)

The challenge is that, when you're looking at -- say -- 394.1  Camus 	 
Notebooks, 1942-1951, and you're wondering if your copy with the ISBN  
on the DJ is the correct first, you wouldn't think to look in the  
section on Genre Dust Jacket Backs of the Late Classical Period for  
the answer.  The question becomes how to make the answer more  

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