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I thought the note was appropriate because of the date -- September  
1970. By then ISBN numbers seemed to be in common use; thus it might  
be easy to think that a DJ with an ISBN was proper for a first printing.

And I have no problem with adding the note to the issues you mention.

As to the ISBN section, if you think it would be helpful I'll be glad  
to work with you on creating it.

On Nov 5, 2011, at 6:39 PM, Ron Holl wrote:

> I'll ignore the Gottlieb comment.
> The point of the comment was that I don't believe that added note was
> needed.  We have (or should have) an ISBN section.  Also, the note  
> seemed
> to be added... well, willy-nilly is the best way to put it.
> Is it really needed?  I don't think so, but if so, what about these?
> G102.1 	Misc 	Between Hume and Mill
> 396.1 	Styron 	Confessions of Nat Turner
> G101.1 	Bewley 	English Romantic Poets
> 395.1 	Vidal 	Julian
> 394.1 	Camus 	Notebooks, 1942-1951

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