[ModLib] 1928 DJ Portrait of Artist + 14 Great Detective Stories

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The web-site manager is in the process of accepting larger sized scans of each book on the site.  The two you are interested in were scanned from jackets that were in very nice shape.  So if whoever contributed those original ones can make larger scans now, you'll end up with quite nice scans. However, he put those smaller images in years ago and it is possible that whichever list-serve member contributed them no longer even owns the book in question.  So the web-site manager may be getting larger scans of them soon and maybe not.  The leatherette books with jackets are not very numerous, so it might be that no list-serve member who is contributig scans at this time has a nice copy with a jacket to scan.
[On the other hand; if someone provides both scans in fairly short order, please request a few more titles.  Some of our members could use a little prodding so they'll get their scanning contributed to the upgrade project.]

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Subject: [ModLib] 1928 DJ Portrait of Artist + 14 Great Detective Stories

Hi everybody,

I am writing an article on the Modern Library editions of Fourteen Great Detective Stories and Joyce's Portrait of the Artist.

Does anybody know where I can find dustjacked copies of these two books (1928 editions only) or pictures of the DJs? At the moment, I have pictures of the front covers that I found on the modernlib website, but the quality is not great. 

Thanks in advance,
Lise Jaillant
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

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