[ModLib] Will the real Lamb first please rise?

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Thanks for the quick response.


if possible, I'd appreciate your sending me scans of these (directly to me
rather than on the mailing list).



On May 14, 2011, at 10:32 AM, jwol wrote:

I am of the opinion that the first did not have the red bands.  I have two
firsts and they both have the title on the front panel of the dj in red with
no fading.  The bands are some other color (I want to say green, but I am
partially colorblind-it's my mother's fault).  I have another early printing
with 257 titles from 1938 and the bands are red, the same color red as the
title on the front panel and the texture of the paper is the same as the 1s.
I have later printing from 1957.  In addition to the red band, the tan
background is much lighter and the ink used on Charles is much darker than
on the first.



Scot Kamins


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