[ModLib] Darrell Johnson project expanded to include ALL images on Author pages

Scot Kamins kamins at modernlib.com
Mon May 9 15:35:14 EDT 2011


In response to a dialog with David and Sharon Rohde and in  
consultation with Ron Holl, I've decided to expand the Darrell Johnson  
project to include all images on ModernLib Author pages. So over time  
I'll be adding magnifying glass icons below all images; clicking the  
icon will bring up a fill-size image of the dust jacket.

This means that I'll be accepting DJ scans & photos for all titles  
that don't already have magnifying glass icons below them.  
Alternatively, to make it easier, if you have a database of all your  
images you can feel free to send the whole thing to me by whatever  
method is convenient, including via US Mail on DVDs or by link to a  
web page or by email. I'll use the ones that I can.


Scot Kamins
4210 SE Pine Street
Portland OR  97215-1045

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