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The Intruder in the Dust was published in November 1964 without a first statement. White uniform Faulkner jacket with  l ist price $2.45, but it's common to find the jacket price clipped. W hat  I assume to be the first printing is bound in red cloth and has the front panel of binding 11 with a logo combination 3 spine. Gray Kent endpapers. I've seen a number of copies with the tan Kent endpaper; they're later. If there was more than one printing with the gray endpaper I don't know how to tell them apart. 

My copy has a blank leaf before the half-title. The last leaf has the page number 247 on the rectro with the verso blank. 

There is a 1969/70 printing in the 7-1/2 inch format with the Fujita torchbearer on the title page and jacket spine . This printing shifts the extra leaf to the end of the volume; the recto has a list of ML College Edition titles with the verso blank. 


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I know this has been brought up in the past but how do we tell the first edition of this book? The Modern Library site makes reference to the listing of "Modern Library Edition" but this is known to  not be worthy of a true listing  of a first, so what is known of this first outside of the spine 11 and the gray endpapers? What is the correct jacket and price? Is this known? What does Barry know about the first edition of this book. Thank you  

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