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Attached are two Excel files.  They come from my Access database: Modern Library Complete (MLComplete V3.0).  The ML Regular Translations List should be straight forward.  And if you are only looking for complete works by authors that were translated from another language to English then the ML Giants Translations List won't be a problem either.  If you were interested in every item that was translated then you will encounter a bit of difficulty with several Giants that were anthologies.  European Philosphy from Descartes to Nietszche, for example, lists the titles of the selections that were translated and the translator's names.  But because I filtered the entire list to Translators there is no indication of who the Author was!  For that, you would need an unfiltered list or a list that filters out, by exclusion, many other items (e.g.'s HEADING: SUBHEADING; COVER BLURB; COVER PAINTING; and on and on...)  in an attempt to get down to only
 Author and Translator.  And I'm sure that Access won't allow enough Filter By Exclusion procedures to eliminate all of them; I've tried it before and I can't get there. [I could send these lists with Author and Translator and as many exclusion as I can get, if that would be helpful.]
Let me know if this was useful .
P.S. to all the other ML fans:  If you ever want a list of content items from ML's let me know.  I have 65,000 content entries and if I am at home (which I am not at the moment) I can whip them out about as fast as you could look one over and then request another.

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I am editing the 20th-century volume in the Oxford History of Literary Translation in English, and my contributions include a section on the financial aspects of publishing translations during this period. I will need to cover reprint series like the Modern Library, and I am wondering if anyone on this list might be able to help me with some basic questions.

The period that interests me most is 1925-1963, when the number of titles in the series reached 800. What I would like to know is how many of those titles were translations.

Is there a convenient way to locate this information, as well as some sense of which translations were included? Does anyone on the list have a figure?

Many thanks for considering these questions.

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