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I have a contents database of Modern Library.  It has over 65,000 Records of: Author; Title; Content Title; Content Author or Translator; Style (meaning ML Regular, or ML Giant; or ML Illustrated etc..); Start Year; End Year.  It may take setting up a Query to limit it to what you are looking for though.  Some books have numerous translators.  There are over 400 translators listed for William Rose Benet's Poetry of Freedom!  The database lists them all together under a general Content Title that I inserted the contents list which is simply TRANSLATION.  They then also appear as a Content Author for the particular poem or poems they translated and then a further field specifies whether they are the actual author author or the translator of the Content Title.  So the information you seem to be looking for would be contained in a complete list based on a Query that requires that that additional field specify TRANSLATOR and not AUTHOR.  But that
 Query would still have several thousands records that deal with particular contents in works and not with a Title as a whole, which, it seems, you are wanting.
I am currently "Off-line" and have been a couple weeks.  I am checking E-mail at a relative's house today.  When I get home, I will pull up the database and see how much I can refine a Query to get down to translations of entire works.  And then I will get somewhere to check e-mail again and check your reply and send what I have if it manages to be something you think would assist you.
I am pretty sure that Scot "mined" a 63,000 to 64,000 record version of this list that I sent him a few years ago to get a fair bit of the Translation info he has the website.  So the two methods will be redundant.  It just might be that a well-written Query will get what you want all togther in a single list so you won't have to hunt through the Web-site Author by Author and piece it together that way.
It might be a day or two before I get back to a computer.

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I am editing the 20th-century volume in the Oxford History of Literary Translation in English, and my contributions include a section on the financial aspects of publishing translations during this period. I will need to cover reprint series like the Modern Library, and I am wondering if anyone on this list might be able to help me with some basic questions.

The period that interests me most is 1925-1963, when the number of titles in the series reached 800. What I would like to know is how many of those titles were translations.

Is there a convenient way to locate this information, as well as some sense of which translations were included? Does anyone on the list have a figure?

Many thanks for considering these questions.

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