[ModLib] Do you have any of these?

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Tue Mar 29 13:18:39 EDT 2011

John, Barry,

We have known about the Mayor in a 14' configuration (9 spine with 14
front) for quite some time.  Now, is there a verification that the Mayor
has been seen in a 13' configuration?  (Regular #13 boards with #9/10
spine are indicated as 13’).  Or possibly a 12'?  (Regular #12 boards with
#9/10 spine would be indicated as 12’, but this configuration has never
been found to date.)


> Mayor of Casterbridge in a 10 spine with 12 front panel (which appears to
> be same as John's 9 spine with a 14 front panel). A new front panel design
> could be implemented universally for all newly printed books, while dies
> for the spines had to be made individually for each title.

Ron Holl
Scribblemonger Book Exchange

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