[ModLib] A nuts & bolts Modern Library question

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Thanks Barry...the list at the end of the book matches the titles 
offered on verso of DJ...the jacket I have is the reddish orange one 
w/large block letters but not coated paper...guess the book was sitting 
around for awhile before the store got it in...or perhaps it was on 
their shelf for several years (though it's not shopworn at all).

The modlib site lists the orange version as 1953 but doesn't specify 
plain or coated paper.

As I said...just a curiosity...

Eric M.

On 3/12/2011 12:25 PM, Gordon Barrick Neavill wrote:
> It's always possible that an older copy could have been misplaced in a warehouse (the publisher's, a wholesaler's, or the department store's)and subsequently sold with later stock.
> There should be a ML list at the end of the book which you should be able to date by the titles included and omitted -- see the dating key. That will tell you if the jacket and the copy of the book are from different dates.
> I assume the jacket you have is deep yellow; this was superseded by a jacket in the same design but in reddish orange (earliest I've seen is spring 1951), the same design in reddish orange but on coated paper (spring 1954), and finally the pictorial jacket by Giusti (spring 1957).
> Hope this helps.
> Barry Neavill
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> MLians,
> I've got a very average Sister Carrie (Dreiser) in Toledano #8 binding.
> The verso of DJ lists 344 titles; which puts publication at c.1949. The
> flap bears a sticker from (former) Denver department store, May-D&F;
> who, I am quite sure, being a Denverite, never sold used books; only new.
> What I wonder is, since May Co. and Daniels and Fisher didn't merge
> until about the early 1960s, how is that they came up w/a Modern Library
> title published in '49? Did ML publish, then warehouse these books for
> that kind of time? Or did they publish this in the '60s and throw and
> old jacket on the book? Just curious.
> thanks,
> Eric Mayer
> p.s.: the sticker has the numeral 83 on it...the store was in bus. in
> '83 so if that represent the year, it might have even been then that
> they sold it...can't tell.

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