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I have been collecting the 90's Hardbacks for quite a while.  I do not own and I do not ever recall seeing any of these first three titles.
The only Stowe's I recall are regulars.
The only Christmas Classics I have seen are paperback, as are all the other "Classics" I've seen.

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Mr. Toledano's "1917-2000 ML Price Guide" listed three titles with a lower case isbn as not yet published as of 6-30-99.
After searching through millions of books on various websites, I have never located a single copy of these titles.  Can anyone verify that they exist as ML hardcover titles?
1. Leautaud                  "Child of Monmartre"                     Regular        Spine 17       $13.50
2. Verne                       "20000 Leagues Under the Sea"    Regular        Spine 17       $16.50
3. Wilder                      "Thornton Wilder Reader"              Giant           Spine G10     $20.00
Also, Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is listed as a Giant, Spine G9, $12.95, 1985-90.  I can find no such Giant edition.  I do have, however, Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" as a Regular, Spine 16, $12.95, 1985, no preface or introduction, title list on dj verso.  Was this title simply misplaced in the Giant listing instead of in the Regular listing?
Last, the djs of several 2000+ issues lists "Christmas Classics" as a hardback title in print.  I have been able to find only paperback issues.  Does anyone know if a hardback edition exists?
As always, thank you for your feedback.  Recently fellow collectors have been very helpful.
Bill Hornick

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