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Thank you for the information!

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I have info on two of these.  I will embed the info in your text initalics.
Darrell Johnson

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>I am trying to compile a complete list of varieties in the 1992-2010 editions of 
>ML titles, both Regular and Giant.  I would appreciate any additions to the list 
>below which is organized alphabetically by author.  I especially would 
>appreciate information on items marked with a "?" or "Data Needed."
>7. Dinesen, I.             Out of Africa
>                                Regular       1992 ed, spine 17, A photo on dj, 
>DATA NEEDED: [Biographical Note; No Intro; Main text; Note on Text: Palatino; No 
>list inside jacket.]
>                                Regular       1992 ed, spine 17, drawing of 
>African scene on dj cover, list on dj verso, style ? (not r)
>8. Ellison, R.             Invisible Man
>                               Regular        1992 ed, spine 17, A photo on dj 
>cover, style r, A bio & intro, no note on type
>                               Regular        1994 ed, spine 17, drawing on dj 
>cover, style r, Johnson preface, A bio & intro, note on type
>                               [Regular; 1992 ed, 1st printing; Spine 17; 
>Biographical Note; Intro by Ellison; Main Text; Note on Type: Palatino; Photo on 
>Jacket Cover; No list inside jacket; Style r.]
>The following are all 1992-2010 movie tie-in editions; are there also 1992-2010 
>non-movie editions?
>1. Austen, J.           Pride and Prejudice, 1995 ed, Giant
>2. Bronte, C.           The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1997 ed, Giant
>3. Eliot, G.              Middlemarch, 1994 ed, Giant
>4. Hardy, T.             Far from the Madding Crowd, 1998 ed, Giant
>5. Hardy, T.             The Return of the Native, 1994 ed, Giant
>6. Hardy, T.             Tess of the D'Ubervilles, 1998 ed, Giant
>7. Scott, W.            Ivanhoe, 1997 ed, Giant
>8. Swift, J.              Gulliver's Travels, 1996 ed, Regular
>9. Wells, H.G.         The Island of Dr. Moreau, 1996 ed, Regular
>[I have no copies of any of these that are not tie-ins]

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