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My earliest copy of Abaslom,  Absalom! without the introduction is fall 1963.  It's in binding 8, which was no longer being used for new titles but remained in use for backlist titles until new dies could be made for use with later binding styles. 

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271.2 is, I believe, available. 

Is that it, then? 271.2? 

If so, what are the characteristics? We know the date from Barry's comments, and from the Info box already on ModernLib -- 1963 -- but is that Fall or Spring? (ModernLib suggests Fall.) 

 Also, what was the binding style for the new edition -- 9, 10, or 11? 

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Toledano lists only one entry for Faulkner's "Absalom, Absalom" as 271.1 with an introduction by Harvey Breit.  My copy in Spine #11 (dj with title list but no number, back panel style k) has NO introduction.  Shouldn't this be identified with a separate number?  Also, the later printings in Spine 17 and Spine 18 (the 2010 wheat/beige quartercloth) contain Faulkner's biography and the "corrected text"; shouldn't this also be a separate entry (since it has no number)? 
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