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> Subject: Various questions
> Dear Scot,
> Here are the first four topics on which I need your and others'  
> help; my apologies if these topics have been previously covered.
> 1. "Absalom, Absalom"
> Toledano lists only one entry for Faulkner's "Absalom, Absalom" as  
> 271.1 with an introduction by Harvey Breit.  My copy in Spine #11  
> (dj with title list but no number, back panel style k) has NO  
> introduction.  Shouldn't this be identified with a separate number?   
> Also, the later printings in Spine 17 and Spine 18 (the 2010 wheat/ 
> beige quartercloth) contain Faulkner's biography and the "corrected  
> text"; shouldn't this also be a separate entry (since it has no  
> number)?
> 2. Metropolitan Opera Guide
> A few months ago, the website discussed two varieties of "The  
> Metropolitan Opera Guide" establishing 48.1 as having a discography  
> and 48.2 as having no discography.  It was established that  
> printings 1 through 5 (1939-1945) contained the discography and that  
> printing 6 (1946) and thereafter no longer contained the  
> discography.  MY G4 binding, 1945 fifth printing on the back of the  
> title page, however, contains no discography.  Perhaps sometime  
> during 1945 the discography was discontinued; the data file seems to  
> need to be amended to reflect the fact that some 1945 fifth  
> printings do not have a discography.
> 3. Illustrated Modern Library
> Are First Editions of the Illustrated Modern Library identified or  
> identifiable, or were there only first printings?
> 4. Ibsen's "Eleven Plays"
> Are there different identification numbers for the varieties of  
> G18?  My first edition of "Eleven Plays by Henrik Ibsen" contains  
> three non-sequential pagination groupings; my later edition has just  
> one continuous pagination sequence and the plays are in a different  
> order.
> 5. "Best Russian Short Stories"
> I have three distinctly different editions of "Best Russian Short  
> Stories"; Can you give me the correct identification for each.  All  
> three have Seltzer noted for compilation, introduction and editor.   
> Here are the varieties:
>      A. Spine 5, no dj, continuous pagination, one Andreyev story  
> ("Lazarus" on p. 215), 261 text pages, list of Regular titles at the  
> end of the book.
>      B. Spine 8, 271 titles on dj verso, Style g, discontinuous  
> pagination (1 through 261 and 1 through 231), three Andreyev stories  
> ("Lazarus" on the first p. 215, "The Seven That Were Hanged" on the  
> second p. 1, "The Red Laugh" on the second p. 103), 492 text
> pages, plus separate lists of Regular and Giant titles at the end of  
> the book.
>      C. Spine 8, 393 titles on dj verso, Style i, 556 text pages, no  
> Regular or Giant list of titles at the end of the book.  The three  
> Andreyev stories listed above in B are grouped together on pages 320  
> through 521 creating a different order of stories and the pages on  
> which they occur.
> It seems, from previously established criteria for other books, that  
> three different identification numbers should exist.
> Well, that's a start.  I sincerely appreciate whatever help you and  
> others might be able to offer me.
> Sincerely,
> Bill Hornick

Scot Kamins
It's all sandcastles ...

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