[ModLib] ML Buckram with DJ?

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I have just over 100 ML buckrams and three, for sure, maybe four, had
jackets.  Most recently, I picked up a copy of G-67, Anthology of Famous
English and American Poetry in buckram with a DJ.  The book dated to fall
1966 based on the titles at the end and the jacket is a Gh jacket, used in
1966.  Joe points out the buckrams were not issued with jackets, so maybe
extra jackets were slapped on buckrams at Random House, or someone
inadvertently married the jackets to the wrong books at a used bookstore or
some collector's den.


I don't think there is a premium for a jacketed buckram.  I bought this G-67
for the book removed the jacket.


John Wolansky

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I have a copy of A Kierkegaard Anthology (303.1), in a buckram binding, with
a dust jacket. The details are as follows:


Binding: B1 (through 1967)

Dust jacket: n (1967-1970) price: $2.45 The genre on the back is Philosophy
& Religion


This book is an ex-library copy. The dj (with library spine label) was
attached to the book by the library. 

There's a penciled notation in the book: "8/67 Pub. 2.69", which I take to
mean that the library purchased this book from the publisher in Aug of 1967
for $2.69.


I purchased the book for $1.50 - neither the binding nor the dj was a factor
in the price. 

while an explanation, I find it unlikely that the library would have
bothered to attach a dj taken from a (new) regular edition. 


A couple of questions:


Has any one else found a buckram edition with a corresponding dj?


Does any one know the premium charged for the buckram binding. The
difference for this copy would seem to be $.24 going by the dj and the
annotated price.


-- Eric

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