[ModLib] ML Buckram with DJ?

Eric Hanson eric at allforma.com
Sun Jun 26 15:28:36 EDT 2011

I have a copy of *A Kierkegaard Anthology* (303.1), in a buckram
binding,* *with
a dust jacket. The details are as follows:

Binding: B1 (through 1967)

Dust jacket: n (1967-1970) price: $2.45 The genre on the back is Philosophy
& Religion

This book is an ex-library copy. The dj (with library spine label) was
attached to the book by the library.

There's a penciled notation in the book: “8/67 Pub. 2.69”, which I take to
mean that the library purchased this book from the publisher in Aug of 1967
for $2.69.

I purchased the book for $1.50 – neither the binding nor the dj was a factor
in the price.

while an explanation, I find it unlikely that the library would have
bothered to attach a dj taken from a (new) regular edition.

A couple of questions:

Has any one else found a buckram edition with a corresponding dj?

Does any one know the premium charged for the buckram binding. The
difference for this copy would seem to be $.24 going by the dj and the
annotated price.

-- Eric
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