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OH -- I SHOULD have said what shall we put for the first edition & it  
printings (no Pound), plus what shall we say for the second edition  
(Pounded), if anything is required beyond what is there now?  Here's  
what we say now:

Notes on
The Anthology of English & American Poetry

The first edition of this title excluded the poetry of Ezra Pound  
because of that poet's work on behalf of the Axis in WWII. Protests  
from the poetry community ensued and Cerf relented, including Pound in  
the second edition. Click here to read a couple of contemporary  
articles on the controversy.

On Jun 24, 2011, at 1:08 PM, Scot Kamins wrote:

> Yes, we used John's report and a follow-up by Barry to construct the  
> first edition points for the Clausewitz currently in the BookNotes  
> for that title.  But what shall we say for the poetry anthology?
> On Jun 24, 2011, at 11:30 AM, jwol wrote:
>> Thinking I was buying a copy of this title in a first since it  
>> excluded Ezra Pound, I surprisingly discovered there was more than  
>> one printing of this title without Ezra Pound.   That point seems  
>> to be covered in the notes to the 1st of this volume on Scott’s  
>> site.  Something else caught my eye, though.  The dj on the second  
>> printing has the same number of titles on the inverse as my first  
>> in this volume, 306, but the number of titles referred to on the  
>> back panel of the jacket is different.  In my first, the back panel  
>> refers to 307 titles, on the subsequent printing, it refers to 309  
>> titles.  I guess we an conclude the inverse total is a good guide  
>> as to printing date, but not necessarily 100% all the time.
>> Just an observation.  I previously pointed out a copy of G-22, On  
>> War by Clausewitz, where the inverse and back panel both refer to  
>> 292 titles and on a later printing the inverse refers to 284 titles  
>> and the back panel of the jacket refers to 299 titles.
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