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I think your convention is as good as any.  I have different fields in 
the database, but any odd data that does not apply to a majority of the 
titles will not gain its own field, just be appended to the "notes."  
However, it is not available for immediate recall or sorting.  Maybe you 
could have a creative addition to the Title to denote the difference in 
that actual record/individual copy.  Of course, if you have a text field 
for a Dust Jacket Description it will be different.  The photo will be 
different as well.

I do not have this problem with dust jackets, yet.... there's always hope.

On 6/20/2011 10:08 AM, jwol wrote:
> Since I started collecting ML's I inventoried each book with the 
> convention of binding/endpapers/jacket using codes from Toledano.   
> For example, if a book is a Blumenthal binding with Kent endpapers and 
> the g style jacket (small circle with price on the back jacket panel), 
> I would record it as 8Dg.  If a saw a book at a store or online, I 
> could, with a glance at my inventory, determine if I had the jacket.  
> At least I thought I could.
> While scanning jackets for Scott's array, I noted I have two copies of 
> Ibsen, 36.1, Master Builder, et al. with the designation 4Cc.  The 
> last c refers to the jacket back.  The jacket backs are the same, but 
> the jacket fronts are not.  The 1927 jacket has no torchbearer on the 
> front and the 1928 copy has the small torchbearer below the title.  
> Apart from moving the dialog on front panel down a bit to accommodate 
> the torchbearer, the jackets have the same spine, back, and dialog on 
> the front.  It never occurred to me the same jacket back may have 
> different front panels ... duhhhh.
> What conventions do others use to identify jacket styles?  It is 
> probably more important to me to know if I have a particular front 
> panel than a back panel.
> Thanks,
> John Wolansky
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