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Since I started collecting ML's I inventoried each book with the convention
of binding/endpapers/jacket using codes from Toledano.   For example, if a
book is a Blumenthal binding with Kent endpapers and the g style jacket
(small circle with price on the back jacket panel), I would record it as
8Dg.  If a saw a book at a store or online, I could, with a glance at my
inventory, determine if I had the jacket.  At least I thought I could.

While scanning jackets for Scott's array, I noted I have two copies of
Ibsen, 36.1, Master Builder, et al. with the designation 4Cc.  The last c
refers to the jacket back.  The jacket backs are the same, but the jacket
fronts are not.  The 1927 jacket has no torchbearer on the front and the
1928 copy has the small torchbearer below the title.  Apart from moving the
dialog on front panel down a bit to accommodate the torchbearer, the jackets
have the same spine, back, and dialog on the front.  It never occurred to me
the same jacket back may have different front panels . duhhhh.

What conventions do others use to identify jacket styles?  It is probably
more important to me to know if I have a particular front panel than a back


John Wolansky

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