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It looks like part of the first printing; Random House appears to have printed new jackets as soon as the error was discovered . I have copies of the first printing (or at least what's presented as the first printing) in both jackets. The numbers at the foot of the verso of the title page indicate printings. My copies with each jacket are the same: 246897531. For the second printing the "1" at the right would have been whited out, for the third the "2" at the left would have been whited out, etc. Of course, it's always possible that someone could forget to white out the number for the previous printing, but lacking other information first printings at this period can be identified by the string of numbers on the verso of the title page ending with  "1" . 

There are examples of ML titles before the 1990s in which the "First Modern Library Edition" statement was retained on the verso of the title page through successive printings. Books printed by offset lithography before the 1960s usually retain the "First" statement on all printings, and there are many examples of titles printed fro m letterpress plates where someone forgot to remove the "First" statement from the plates before using them for subsequent printings . In this case the "First" statement was usually removed when someone noticed the mistake. There's one title (I forget which at the moment) in which the first printing contained major errors that were corrected in the second printing. T he second printing  retained the "First" statement --  I suspect deliberately -- and can be construed as "First Modern Library Edition as it should have been." 


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Modern Library-ians, 
Doe an yone know if the 90's Hardback Emerson was sent out with the incorrect jacket photo for a) part of the first printing, b) all of the first printing, or c) more than just the first printing? 
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