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Modern Library-ians,
If you do not collect the hardback's that started in 1992 you can skip this meassage.
Bill Hornick and I have been conversing about the 90's hardbacks - Bill owns very nearly every title.  As a result of our conversaions I have returned to a jacket analysis that I did a while back to see if I could improve the accuracy of a dating guide I had produced a few years ago.  I mined the internet for publication dates, which I found for almost every "edition" of every title.  By checking jacket lists from 1st printing copies only, and doing them in the order of publication I have been able to determine the year and month that each list was first used.  I have a dating key with a summary (including month/year of each list with "marker titles" to quickly identify that list) followed by the complete analysis (titles added from the previous list, titles dropped from the previous list, and then the complete new list).
With Bill's help I also have a fairly complete listing of: Author; Title; Start Year; End Year; Publication Date; Jacket Style; Jacket Print Date; Jacket list in First Printing; ISBN 10.
Most of these fields are very nearly complete.  The main one that is not complte is the Jacket-list-in-First-Printing field.  It requires possessing a first printing copy of the book (with some confidence that the jacket hasn't been exchanged) to determine which jacket list was in the first printing of that "edition." I am far from owning every edition and Bill's copies are, of course, not all first printings. So we couldn't complete this field between the two of us.
The other field which is not "complete" is the "End Year" field.  Many titles have been dropped already and if they were dropped by the Sep 2004 list I have and end date for them based on the first list they no longer appeared in.  My collection peters out around then so I own no later lists to look at and most title have 2009 End Year listings in my database.  To get any further/accurate on this would require someone to extend the analysis into more recent jacket lists and determine which titles have been dropped since then.
Anyone who interested in either or both of these documents can e-mail me and 'll send them.
And anyne who can add (in bold and/or italic) any of the missing data from the table and return the table to me, I would be greatly appreciative.
And, lastly, if anyone has most of the more recent editions (there aren't a whole lot of them - most ML's are being issued as some form of paperback these days or Chronicles which is the only other Hardback series in ML) and you want to try to determine what lists there are that are more recent lists than Sep 04, please let me know before you try.  I can tell how to go about it in more detail. [You would need mainly first printing copies to get anywhere with it.]
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