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Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson (ML 282) was announced for spring 1952 publication and published o n May 25, 1952. It was listed in the June 7, 1952 issue of Publishers' Weekly in the  "Weekly Record" of newly published books . My copy has a 36 2 jacket. Henry Toledano's copy  had a 362 jacket, though he may have acquired a copy with a 360 jacket later . My notes from the RH archives indicate that Evans's abridgment (prepared specificially for the ML) went to the typesetter in January. Proofreading was done at RH, and then electrotype plates were made. The first printing would have been made sometime after that. It seems likely that the  first printing of the jacket was made in spring 1952, in which case it would have a 360 list, though I've never personally seen a 360 jacket for this title .  If j ackets were not printed for the entire first printing or if some first printing jackets were damaged, additional jackets (with the fall list) would have been printed and used on copies of the first printing. Or the print run may have been increased after the order for jackets was placed. Or there could have been a second printing in fall 1952 in which the "First" statement was inadvertently retained, though this is  the least likely explanation . There's no ML list at the end of the book to help date the printing. The Life of Samuel Johnson has 18 gatherings ( printed sheets) consisisting of 16 leaves (32 pages) each, with a single blank page at the end. The ML included lists of titles at the end of volumes only when there were enough pages at the end of the last gathering to accommodate them. Lists were never printed separately and bound in -- which is why ML lists at the end of volumes are generally reliable indicators of the printing date. 

I hope we can have a confirmation of a 360 jacket. 


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Both Scott’s notes and Toledano refer to 360 titles listed on the inverse of the 1 st ML edition of Boswell’s life of Johnson.  Every offering for a 1 st I see listed, including one with a Review copy note from Random House, refers to 362 titles listed.  Why auditor’s skepticism demands I ask: Does anyone have a jacketed first that refers to 360 titles? 


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