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While scanning jackets for Scott’s site, I noticed Scott only had a scan of the black slipcase for Dostoyevsky’s Brothers Karamazov.  I pulled my gray slipcase to scan, checked my inventory, and noted I had an additional character in the inventory number, a letter, either a or b.  Checking Toledano, I noted there were two boxed editions of this title, one with a 1943 copyright and the other a 1945 with a note there were illustration changes.  I appended an a to I151.1 to the 1943 edition and a b to the 1945.
Examining the books I have, I observed the book spine changed from 1943 to 1945.  I attached a scan of the spine.  [My glassine covered copy with glued on front label has the 1943, 1945 copyright and the spine shown on the left in the scan you attached.] 
The black box is on the right (1945) and the grey box (1943) on the left and the glassine jacketed copy I have has the 1945 spine.  The book covers are otherwise identical.  I presumed, perhaps incorrectly, the grey box was unique to the 1943 edition and the black box to the 1945.  In the event I carelessly mixed the boxes and  books, for those of you that have an illustrated Brothers K in a slipcase, please extend the courtesy of eMailing me as to the color of the case and the copyright date.
Paging through the books, I looked for differences in the drawings and was very surprised to discover the drawings covering two pages had the same theme,  but were different in the details.  Also surprising, the drawings were located at different places in the books!  For example, in the 1943 grey boxed edition, between pages 135 and 136 is a two page colored drawing of a woman entering a room on the left and a man with a sword on the right.  In the 1945 boxed edition, a largely colorless drawing with the same theme is between pages 192 and 193!  In the 1943 copy, we see the front of the man and his hat is on a table in the foreground while in the 1945 copy we see the man’s back and his hat is on a table in the background.  In the glassine covered 1945 copy this picture is between pages 196 and 197 and has more color than the 1945 copy but less than the 1943 copy. [My 1945 Glassine: some color; woman in doorway on left; man's back towards us; hat
 on table in background; between pp. 196-197.]
Another example is a two page color duel scene between pages 360 and 361 in the 1943 copy but between pages 340 and 341 in the later copy.  Again, the same theme but differences in detail.  An example is the man in the center of the picture between the duelists holding a sword.  In the 1943 copy his feet are separated and the point of the sword is at a the midpoint between his feet, while in the 1945 copy, his feet are together and the sword points to his left foot.  In my 1945 glassine, the picture is the same as the 1945 boxed copy, but is between pages 356 and 357. [My 1945 Glassine: feet together; sword pointed at left boot; but; between 340-341!]
The issue of placement of pictures at different locations in the books probably speaks to carelessness in the production process.
[ My 1945 Glassine, two page illustrations:
16-17: the brothers on left; father on right;
136-137: 5 men on the left, 3 clerics standing and a man bowing on the right;
196-197; the woman on left and man with sword on right;
255-256; woman, black robed man, seated person with crutches behind the chair on the left; elderly couple on the right;
340-341; the duel scene;
462-463; a lively dance party;
514-515; 6 men around a table;
606-607; many people in doorway on the left, a seated man with a uniformed man standing behind him on the right;
704-705; a train approaching a child lying on the tracks;
758-759; two men facing across a table;
848-849; courtroom scene.]
The single page drawings with no color seem to be the same.   Why did the illustrations change?
I am trying to scan drawings for Scott if you have an interest in these details, meanwhile, I would appreciate any feedback regarding the color of the slipcase and copyright date any other collectors may have.
John Wolansky
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