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Try this link for photos and background:

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Hi all, there is a Modern Library Illustrated on Ebay,  It is listed as
eing published in 1982, with a dj which shows Modern Library on the lower
pine, but no visable Torchbearer.  Rockwell Kent is listed as illustrator.
 cannot find a ref to this tome in Toledano and wonder to the accuracy of
t being "Modern Library" volume.   Any thoughts?
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On Jul 27, 2011, at 8:12 AM, Gordon Barrick Neavill <neavill at wayne.edu>
> I'm trying to determine which of the first two Tristram Shandy jackets
eproduced on the website is the earlest. Both are indicated as 1928.
 I've seen the second jacket -- the one with the relatively short text on
he front panel -- with a spring 1928 list inside the jacket (includes
umas, Three Musketeers but not Apuleius, Golden Ass).
 I haven't examined the first jacket, which has more extensive text
eginning "Although the first part of ..."  If anyone has this, I'd
ppreciate knowing whether the ML list inside the jacket is from spring 1928
r fall 1928 (includes Apuleius, Golden Ass but not Dostoyevsky, Brothers
aramazov). It's possible that both jackets date from spring 1928. While
ou're at it, let me know if the book has a 4-page ML list at the end of the
olume -- some copies of the first printing have it, some don't.
 I've seen the later uniform typographic jacket for Tristram Shandy (dated
n the website as 1930) with a spring 1929 list.
 Many thanks,
 Gordon B. Neavill
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 School of Library and Information Science Wayne State University
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 313-577-0507; 313-577-7563 (fax)
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