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The one-volume editions of The   Poems and Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde, The Plays of Oscar Wilde, and The Short Stories  of Guy de Maupassant were all published in early spring 1932. Each represented a combination of two separate ML volumes  from the Boni & Liveright era to provide better value in the Depression book market. They appear to have been published early in the year since the first printing  of each has a fall 1931 ML list  at the end of the volume. This was typical of ML books published in January since they had to be printed around the end of the previous season. The two new titles for January 1932, Crime and Punishment and The Magic Mountain, had jackets with fall 1931 lists. I haven't seen a first printing of The Plays of Oscar Wilde in a jacket. The first printing of The Poems and Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde has a fall 1931 jacket. The earliest jacket I've seen for The Short Stori es of Guy de Maupassant has a spring 1932 list. The first printing of The Stories of Anton Tchekov, which also combined two B&L volumes and was scheduled for February 1932,  has a jacket with a  fall 1931 list. 


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Thanks, John. Also for now I'll add "225?" with the question mark as the inverse DJ number until we get some confirming responses.   

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2.  Scott, I have this volume in both an e and an f jacket back.  Your notes indicate it was previously seen in a d and an I jacket back. 

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