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The notes on Scott's site indicate the 1st of this volume is in a d jacket
back but there is a question mark for the 1st dj inverse number.   I have a
copy with New Modern Library Edition 1932 on the copyright page.  Both the
inverse of the jacket and the back panel both refer to 225 titles.  The
jacket as well as the back of the book includes Stein's Three Lives and
excludes Caldwell's God's Little Acre, dating the jacket and book to fall
1933 according to Gordon's dating key.  I have seen another copy with these
same pointers.

1.  Can someone who has a copy of this title with New Modern Library Edition
on the copyright page date the jacket per Gordon's dating key?  Please
confirm it is a d jacket.

2.  Scott, I have this volume in both an e and an f jacket back.  Your notes
indicate it was previously seen in a d and an I jacket back.

John Wolansky

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