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Thanks very much to all who responded. Your information is VERY helpful -- and timely, since I want to submit my bibliography entries for titles first published in 1925 and 1926 tomorrow. Based on Darrell's information I'm inclined to suspect that the smaller format appeared *after* the taller. If so, it's the only example I'm aware of. I have a copy of the 7-1/2" format, and the jacket is identical to Darrell's EXCEPT mine doesn't have the ISBN. I believe ISBNs were introduced in 1972. The copy that Alan Oestreich used to have lacked a jacket but was bound in coarse black cloth that was used on some of the last  printings before ML titles were discontinued in the  1970s. I have no idea why this late or last printiung  would have  reverted to the smaller format, but RH wasn't paying much attention to the Modern Library at that period. 

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If I were to merely guess, then since they were beginning to introdue the taller format that year, I suspect the regular size came first. 
But since we don't want to merely guess, here is a fuller description of my book and jacket: 
Book: Toledano style 13; the front free end paper facing the front paste-down has a very large reddish-puple "H" stamped on it, suggesting it is a remainder;  the half-title page offers to send the illustrated list if requested; on the reverse of the title page the paragraph under the FMLE statement includes the library of congress # 25-23228; the text ends on 224 and there is a single, blank free end-paper (i.e., nothing follows the text0. 
Jacket: $2.95 price on the front flap (no indications of ever being tagged over); "ML124" directly under the price; the inside of the jacket is, of course, blank; the back cover has "Classics of Literature" and lists G58, G15, G36, G3, G1, G23, 186, 130, 110, 185, 28, 177, 40, 244, G97; G73, 388; 318, 119,261, 100, 21, 125, and REMEMBERANCE OF THINGS PAAST (7volumes), in that order; at the bottom the Box 41 ... address for requesting a catalogue is offered; and in the lower right corner 394-60124-6 (the ISBN). 
Since G73: THE COLLECTED TALES & PLAYS OF NIKOLAI GOGOL, is a 1969 title it might give a clue to precedence if the taller format copy has a slightly different list under this heading. 

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So now the question is which size preceded which as the "true" first (as such)? 

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My copy is the standard 7 1/4" size. 
First Modern Library Edition, 1969, with corrected text by 
         Robert Scholes in consultation with Richard Ellman 
                Copyright 1967 by the estate of James Joyce 

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I'm trying to confirm that the ML edition of Joyce's Dubliners (#124) with the "definitive text" (1969) exists in the standard 7-1/4" format as well as the taller 7-1/2" format that was introduced in 1969. This is the one with the black jacket with lettering in light purple and white and a green shamrock. It says "definitive text" on the jacket and "corrected text" on the verso of the title page. I'm convinced that I've seen it in the 7-1/4" format, but Alan Oestreich, who I think once had a jacketless copy, has disposed of it. 

Thanks for your help! 


Scot Kamins 
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