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My copy is the standard 7 1/4" size.
First Modern Library Edition, 1969, with corrected text by
         Robert Scholes in consultation with Richard Ellman
                Copyright 1967 by the estate of James Joyce

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I'm trying to confirm that the ML edition of Joyce's Dubliners (#124) with the "definitive text" (1969) exists in the standard 7-1/4" format as well as the taller 7-1/2" format that was introduced in 1969. This is the one with the black jacket with lettering in light purple and white and a green shamrock. It says "definitive text" on the jacket and "corrected text" on the verso of the title page. I'm convinced that I've seen it in the 7-1/4" format, but Alan Oestreich, who I think once had a jacketless copy, has disposed of it.

Thanks for your help!

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