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Since there is a lot of talk about early jackets, here is some info about
the 1917 'generic' jacket.

Jacket was designed by famed book illustrator Willy Pogany. Jacket
lettering is in an Art Nouveau script font ('Modern Library' and 'Limp
Croft Leather'). Field is dark brown decorated with fanciful green and
yellow snowflake designs, similar to a wrapping paper. Designer's name
appears in miniature print on front and rear jacket panel. Jacket flaps
have a numbered Boni & Liveright C3 catalog list of Sept. 1917, also
including the 'ghost title' 29.0 W.H. Wright 'Best French Epigrams'. Jacket
is generic with no book title, therefor could be applied on any book in the
catalog. Since jacket was produced with Sept. 1917 C3 catalog, it was
perhaps used for holiday gift books, being more festive than the regular
scholarly style jackets.

William 'Willy' A. Pogany, born in Szeged, Hungary, in 1882, studied at
Budapest Technical University and in Munich and Paris. His reputation as a
muralist, painter and illustrator was well established in Paris, London and
Munich before arriving in the United States in 1915, at the age of
thirty-three. Skilled in an unusually wide range of media, he had won gold
medals at exhibitions in Budapest, Leipzig, and at the Panama Pacific
International Exhibition. Willy Pogany: 'I worked very hard in America, and
have done, besides illustrating books, all sorts of pictures, mural
paintings, portraits, etchings, sculpture, and built hotels and swimming
pools. I also became very interested in the theatre and designed lots of
stage settings and costumes for different shows and the Metropolitan Opera
House. Later I came to Hollywood where I am designing the sets for movies,
which I find very interesting indeed.'


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