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Showoff!  I thought I had 11 of the first 12 with the 1 catalog, but reading your post, it looks like it is only 10.  My copy of War in the Air meets all your pointers for a first, but, the title page includes the “WITH ILLUSTRATIONS …” statement, making it a second printing, I guess.


I appreciate crass commercial messages are discouraged on the list serve, so let me suggest I am making this offer with a view to assisting fellow collectors fill the holes in their collections.  I have a number of duplicate leatherettes, binding 1 and later, some firsts,  I am prepared to part with after January 1.  Sorry, sold all catalog 1 copies.  I can provide a list of titles after I grade them in the new year.  Shoot me an email at jwol at fast.net, DO NOT RESPOND TO THE LIST SERVE.


John Wolansky




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I have all twelve of the May 1917 titles in first printings. Eleven of them have the list of the first 12 titles facing the title page. The War in the Air didn't have room for a list; the title page faces the verso of the free endpaper and the only blank page in the volume is the verso of the last page (p. 395). The second printing of The War in the Air states "WITH ILLUSTRATION BY ERIC PAPE" on the title page (the illustration faces the first page of Chapter I). Later printings state "WITH A NEW PREFACE TO REPRINT EDITION" on the title page with the one-page preface replacing the illustration.




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I've gotten interested in collecting as many ML titles as possible in the #1 binding, and, since I'm not in the 1% (or anywhere near it), have not concerned myself with DJs.  Before long, these volumes will be 100 years old.


Does anyone know how many copies of each of the first twelve ML titles were initially printed?  I've gotten three so far with the C1 list (Dorian Grey, War in the Air and Miracle of St. Anthony), but wonder how difficult the other nine will be.  I assume that Treasure Island is the most difficult to find.  



John Peterson

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