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On 12/10/2011 5:48 AM, JOHN PETERSON wrote:
> I've gotten interested in collecting as many ML titles as possible 
> in the #1 binding, and, since I'm not in the 1% (or anywhere near it), 
> have not concerned myself with DJs.  Before long, these volumes will 
> be 100 years old.
> Does anyone know how many copies of each of the first twelve ML titles 
> were initially printed?  I've gotten three so far with the C1 list 
> (Dorian Grey, War in the Air and Miracle of St. Anthony), but wonder 
> how difficult the other nine will be.  I assume that Treasure Island 
> is the most difficult to find.
> John Peterson
> John,
I've been collecting these early books for a while, but they're hard to 
find. Of the C1's, I only have Madamoiselle Fifi and Treasure Island.  
For binding 1, I have found The Way of all Flesh, Confessions of a Young 
Man, plays by Ibsen,Evolution in Modern Thought, Poems by Villon, The 
Belfry, Seven that were hanged.

I've found them in strange places and for strange prices. Antique Stores 
or the stuff nobody wants in used book stores. one in a garage sale.  
all the way from 25 cents to 20 dollars. "If it's old it must be worth a 
lot" vs "Who wants that old stuff?" I've never seen one with a DJ.

What I find is interesting is that these bindings have held up 
remarkably well over the years, much better than the binding that came 

By the way, I have never seen any of the titles you have of C1.

If I find any more of these things, I will let you know.

Murry Spector

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