[ModLib] Gulliver's Travels 100.2 and 100.3

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The earliest printing I've seen with the Heilman introduction is spring 1951. This is probably the first printing with the introduction. The jacket is the same non-pictorial design as earlier jackets except that the the front inset panel is  brown instead of green, and the lettering outside the panel is green instead of brown, and the flap text is rewritten. The flap specifically states that the introduction is by Heilman. 

This jacket was replaced by fall 1955 (the earliest I've seen, anyway) with a new pictorial jacket in deep purple and light greenish blue. The flap text of this jacket reverts to the text used on pre-1951 printings. My fall 1955 flap indicates that the introduction is by Heilman (below the title and author) but reverts to the earlier flap text beginning: "'No more savage book was ever written,' says Carl Van Doren of Gulliver's Travels." I don't know whether the reversion to the earlier text was deliberate or inadvertent, but mine doesn't say the introduction is *by* Van Doren. 

I haven't seen the spring 1954 printing you describe. I assume it's the purple and light blue pictorial jacket I have? O r is it the final printing of the nonpictorial jacket? 


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According to the Guide, 100.2 was published from 1931-1950 with an intro by Van Doren and 100.3 from 1950-1958 with an intro by Heilman. 

I have a style 8 book, copyright 1950, with a Heilman intro but the inside front flap of the dust jacket says the intro is by Van Doren. I thought it was a mismatched cover and book but the jacket inverse lists 370 titles which makes it a 1954 publication which belongs on the book with the Heilman intro. 

What do I have? Are the jacket and book mismatched? Was the 100.2 edition published as late as 1954 in variance to the Guide or did the flap description from the 100.2 edition continue to be used for 4 years into the Heilman edition? 

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