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Graham, Charles charles.graham at dominican.edu
Wed Apr 27 20:50:37 EDT 2011

I am fairly new to the list serve, and have been enjoying the discussions
about bindings, dust jackets, etc.  I also enjoyed Roger's in-depth coverage
of ISBN numbers and the color printing process.  Roger, maybe you can
talk about blind stamping on the bindings next.

It all started at the now closed Odyssey Bookshop in Novato, CA.  Something
drew me to a particular edition of *Faust *by Goethe.  It stood out from the
other three or so editions of the same name.  It turned out to be published
by the Modern Library (red dust jacket, 1960s).  I was impressed by the
quality of the book.  There was also a certain quaintness I still can not
put my finger on.   I bought other Modern Library books as they turned up at
Odyssey, and it just kind of snowballed.  My collection is small, so have
not been able to contribute to the 10 minute challenges of late.

Now for the question.  I do have a number of titles that need Mylar, and
wonder what the real collectors prefer.  Does one use polypropylene,
polyester, or specifically Mylar?  A search for Mylar will return all
three.  What thickness is preferable- 1.5, 2, or 2.5 mil?  Is paperbacking
better to protect the dust jackets?  I have checked Demco, Brodart, and
Gaylord, but am not sure what to get.  Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

Chuck Graham
Mail Services Coordinator
Dominican University of California
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