[ModLib] Newest Feature: Any Given Year's New Titles

Scot Kamins kamins at modernlib.com
Sun Apr 17 13:46:44 EDT 2011


Ron and I have created an extension to the Instant Access feature near  
the bottom of ModernLib's Home page ( http://www.modernlib.com/#instantAccess 
  ). Added to the Title, Author, and Toledano # search choices is  
Year. You enter any year 1917 - 1971, and you get a list of all titles  
-- regulars, giants, and paperbacks -- that appeared that year.    
Optionally, you can elect to see  just regulars, just giants, or just  
paperbacks first published in a given year.

All of the titles in the list are, of course, linked to the proper  
title on the appropriate page.

Note that the entries for these years reflect our most current  
information, substantially updating the Toledano Guide's lists.

Playing with this feature brings up some interesting questions, by the  
way. For example, why was 1950 such a banner year for new titles? Or  
why was 1954 such a paltry year? Or why didn't #24 get used for the  
first time until 1923, by which time there were over 100 titles in the  
catalog? More questions like these will no doubt come up as people  

A note of caution: There were a LOT of entries here - more than 950 in  
all - so there are probably a few errors. If a particular title in a  
found year's list seems like it shouldn't be there, please let me know.

Scot Kamins
It's all sandcastles ...

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