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Laura Hibbard Loomis died in 1960, three years after Medieval Romances was published, so it was reasonable to omit her affiliation on later printings. I have a fall 1962 printing in this configuration (no yellow on the spine of the dj).

Roger Sherman Loomis retired in 1958 and held the rank of emeritus professor at Columbia from 1958 until his death in 1966, so in his case it was appropriate to retain the Columbia affiliation on the title page.


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Sorry, no.  I meant to ask:

"Does anybody have the Loomis on spine/Columbia U on front that is NOT
from Fall 1957?"

Everyone that has that first variation also reports 379 titles (but we
don't know the season that Scott T. and Joe H. have; 379 was indicated on
both Spring and Fall 1957).  I'm wondering when the jacket was changed to
remove Loomis from the spine and Columbia U from the front.

> Is this what you meant to ask?  If there is a jacket with Loomis on the
> spine and no Columbia on the front, then there are FOUR Jackets.  That
> description does not fit my jacket nor either of Jim Egan's scans.

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