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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Re: Re: Jacket back "styles" and "variations." (Ron Holl)
>   2. RE: Medieval Romances (133.2) (Ron Holl)
>   3. Re: Re: Jacket back "styles" and "variations." (Darrell Johnson)
>   4. RE: Medieval Romances (133.2) (Darrell Johnson)
>   5. Re: Re: Jacket back "styles" and "variations." (Scot Kamins)
>   6. Redux: [ModLib] Re: Jacket back "styles" and "variations."
>      (Scot Kamins)
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> From: "Ron Holl" <ron at scribblemonger.com>
> Subject: Re: [ModLib] Re: Jacket back "styles" and "variations."
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> Continuing with Darrell's questions:
>> With the single exception of 160.3 Auden's Selected Poetry (Second
>> Edition), any jacket with an ISBN is not a first. So if you have a book
>> with a genre variety 3, 4, or 5 DJ, it's not a first.
> <rjh: ISBNs came into use after 1970, which is when the 2nd edition of
> Auden came out (1971/1972).  Of the 4 titles that came out in 1970, I have
> three (do not have the Styron), and none of them have the ISBN (as
> expected).  I believe the Stryon first won't have it either.  Obviously
> none of the 1969 titles or earlier would have it.  Thus, with the
> exception of the Auden 2nd, if your jacket has an ISBN it is a later print
> jacket.>
>> All other first edition titles published with type 14 bindings likely had
>> o2 dust jackets.

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