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I dont know about that,my copy has the full yellow at the top of the spine.It is the first edition with the 379 titles listed. 

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That is the uncommon first.  The yellow block on the top of the spine is a 
head fake.  I think it faded that way (on Jim's scan you can see the red 
pick back up as orange as it wraps around on the jacket back), although I 
don't know how it could be that bright of a yellow. 

Joe, is your copy all red on the jacket spine? 

Editors on the jacket spine and Columbia U on the jacket front are the 
early jacket indicators. 


> My Medieval Romances: 
> Jacket: 379 Titles; Fall 1957 List; Price clipped.  Its the common jacket; 
> i.e., no Yellow block on top of spine;  Loomis & Loomis on spine; Columbia 
> on the cover. 
> Book: Stated First; Fall 1957 lists (both regular and giants lists); 

Ron Holl 
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