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Actually, the best solution is to do both!  Get better scans from those who have the jackets but still add the text that explicitly points how things changed from one jacket to the next!

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Subject: Redux: [ModLib] Re: Jacket back "styles" and "variations."
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But your point is well-taken: A new project will be to go through the author pages and add text below each of those subtle-difference images explaining the differences. 

Of course, an even BETTER solution would be to be able click one of those small text images (Henry's styles Dj 1, Dj 2, and Dj 3 shown on page 177 of the 1917 - 2000 guide)  and have it link to a full size image.  I no longer own a substantial collection of such DJs. But if the ML community were to resubmit them ...  

Scot Kamins
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